It is our great pleasure to invite your school to the first online edition of the Firstep Project Competition.

Firstep 2023 Project Competition aims to develop the research, communication, presentation, time management, collaboration and creativity skills of students. It is a competition that supports the PBL programmes in Lumina Schools, showcasing students’ projects in a broad range of subjects and celebrating their achievements at age levels from 9 to 18.

The competition will be organised according to the schedule below:

firSTep 2023 Schedule

Date Event Description
9 January - 3 February 2023: Uploading projects - Registration Process Schools’ Firstep Coordinators upload projects (posters and videos) on the Firstep registration page.
17 February 2023: School Rounds Project Evaluation and Exhibition deadline Schools complete local evaluations and enter the results on the Firstep evaluation platform.
20 February - 3 March 2023: Pre-eliminations of the projects for the Grand Final Firstep Jury will evaluate the projects registered by the schools.
20 March 2023: Announcement of the finalists The best 20 projects for each category will be announced on the Firstep Website as the finalists for the Grand Final.
25 March 2023: Grand Final Online Evaluations for All Categories

* Students will present their projects to the jury members online through the Zoom video conferencing platform.

* Parents will be required to sign a GDPR agreement for their children to participate in the competition.

firSTep, the Science, Technology and Design Fair is the First Step to International Project Olympiads which is  open  to all students starting from Grade 3 (year 4 ) in Lumina Educational Institutions. It is organized by Lumina Educational Institutions in collaboration with national and international science fair organizations. Its mission is to challenge students to prepare science and technology projects to find workable solutions to everyday problems, to raise awareness in our planet’s energy and environmental issues, to engage students and teachers towards a further step in international project Olympiads of which have the same missions.

Firstep roadmap


Firstep 2023-1 Poster

Firstep 2023-2 Poster

Firstep 2022-1 Poster

Firstep 2023